Name: Ms Aarti Bharadwaj
Designation: Vice President, Publicis Media
Topic: IPR and Innovation

Name: Mr Vikramjit Banerjee
Designation: Counsel, Supreme Court of India
Topic: Why should Property Rights be Fundamental Rights?

Name: Dr Sary Levy- Carciente (Author of the International Property Rights Index 2016)
Designation: Member, National Academy of Economic Sciences Professor, Central University of Venezuela
Topic: Highlights of the 2016 Ranking: “Where does India stand in the IPRI and the spill-over effect on other rankings?

Name: Mr Barun Mitra
Designation: Founder-Director, Liberty Institute
Topic: Land Rights-A step towards property rights

Name: Mr Lorenzo Montanari
Designation: Executive Director, Property Rights Alliance
Topic: Introduction to the International Property Rights Index