2nd India Property Rights Conference
Global launch of International Property Rights Index 2016
10 August 2016, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

  1. Indus Information Initiatives Pvt Ltd, Delhi (Technical Partner)
    Indus_LogoIndus Information Initiatives Pvt Ltd, New Delhi is the research partner for Centre for Advanced Study of India at the University of Pennsylvania for their NCR Urban Survey, 2016. Indus aims to bring tremendous amount of field level experience in social science research and use of technology in imaginative ways for research purposes. In collaboration with India Institute, the company is currently developing, operating and managing the mobile app, i-torney: your pocket lawyer.

  2. BW Businessworld (Media Partner)
    BW-logoBW Businessworld is a premium business news magazine in India. BW Businessworld is one of the oldest as well as most respected business publications in the country. The magazine was born in 1981,[3] and over the past three decades, it has become known for its rigorously reported and deeply analysed reports and articles on the economy, banking, finance, industries, corporate houses and entrepreneurs. It has become an essential decision making tool for leaders both in the government as well as in corporate houses. http://businessworld.in/

  3. My Parliament, Delhi (Outreach Partner)
    Logo_withouttagline - CopyMy Parliament is an effort to bridge the gap between policy makers of today with those of tomorrow. They aim to transform India into a participative democracy and hence they chose to start from the grass root level – the youth of India. Through numerous seminars, workshops, simulated parliamentary debates on bills and policy making and interaction with public authorities, they get the enthusiastic youth of today to understand the know-how of policy making. My Parliament has a team of prominent advisors, which include General VK Singh, Honorable Minister of State of External Affairs. www.myparliament.org

  4. Property Rights Alliance (PRA), Washington DC (Index Partner)
    pra_logoProperty Rights Alliance (PRA), an affiliate of Americans for Tax Reform, stands as an advocacy organization dedicated to the protection of physical and intellectual property rights, both domestically and internationally. On the international stage, PRA works closely with famed property rights champion and President of the Institute for Liberty and Democracy (ILD) in Lima, Peru, Hernando de Soto. With great help from the ILD and de Soto, PRA is proud to offer the Hernando de Soto Fellowship. Each year, the fellow works on the upcoming addition of the International Property Rights Index (IPRI). www.propertyrightsalliance.org